There are several ways to engage with bitcoin, some of which are more user-friendly to beginners. As a crypto currency, many of bitcoin’s uses are identical to the uses of traditional currencies, in that you can buy bitcoin, sell it, trade or spend it on goods and services, invest it, trade it into other currencies for arbitrage purposes, or cash it out into local currencies. Users can also engage with bitcoin by mining it, which is a process during which more bitcoins are created. The rewards can be tremendous, but the barrier to entry has grown to such a level that most find it more efficient to mine bitcoin through companies that take on the infrastructure investment and mine bitcoin for the consumer.

In essence, the consumer gets a share of the profit instead of the entirety. However, mining bitcoin is not an activity for beginners, and most begin working with bitcoin by buying and selling it. Bitcoin price can be compared to any local currency, but generally it is spoken about it terms of the value of the US dollar. Bitcoin prices are known to be volatile, which can make it into a risky investment, but also potentially a rewarding one. Having been a force in the world economy for over a decade, however, bitcoin and crypto currency in general are here to stay.


As expected, to utilize crypto currency in numerous ways, and to buy and sell bitcoin, one must obtain necessary and current information. For this, users turn to Coinmarket. is a crypto-price tracking website that brings immediate information to users on both bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Aside from prices, Coinmarket displays trading patterns in a graphic format, marketcap, volume, and change over 24 hours. It is easy to grasp upon quickly scanning.

A rudimentary understanding of some of the terms listed on Coinmarket will help a great deal in using the information to most profitably buy and sell bitcoin, along with other crypto currencies. Marketcap (market capitalization), the least familiar term, is the current price of a coin multiplies by the number of coins available, essentially ranking the specific crypto currency by market share. Numerous forces control the price of crypto currency, and as previously noted, bitcoin is notoriously volatile.

Circulation of coins

The supply column on Coinmarket reveals the amount of coins in circulation, for in some currencies, some coins have yet to hit the market due to the mining process. The volume refers to the crypto currencies that have changed hands in 24 hours, or all the purchases and sales of that crypto currencies as one number. Generally higher volume currencies are less volatile, because greater liquidity prevents fast price fluctuation. Change indicates the rise and fall of the price of the currency within a given window of time.

It is important to note that different trading platforms may have different prices, due to variability of supply and demand. It is vital that Coinmarket show an accurate average of these numbers.

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